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  Discovery Holidays Co., Ltd has its beginning in 1997. Since its establishment Discovery  Holidays has 
become one of the leading South East Asian Destination management Company  (DMC) providing a 
diversified rang of travel-related services to a variety of market-types with a reputation of the highest 
quality and services.

The wished and demands of our clients have always been wide and varies and as Discovery Holidays 
has expanded operating offices, the scope of our products and services have increased  enormously. 
Today we provide to our partners the power of a network of 7 owned branches through South East Asia, 
a wide range of Ground Transportation Services with our subsidiary  Discovery Holidays Transport and 
trusted S.E.A operators network built with our outbound subsidiary.

Discovery Holidays believe in the harmony of close partnership with Loyalty and Reliability  as key 
elements, combined with the ability to adapt to different environments. These are the  cornerstones of
our company philosophy, which cannot only be seen in words; but in our client history and our 
commitment to become partners not for the short term, but for years to come.





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